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podfic stats 2016

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k, so here are my stats for 2016. As before, these are the podfics that I published during 2016, not counting co-pods, and only counting chapters 4-6 of And Never Been Kissed (ANBK), because I was posting that one as I went, and counted chapters 1-3 in 2015’s stats. A note: last year I was super careful and made sure that all the graphs used the exact same pixel scale; this year I used the same axes on (nearly) all the graphs, and they’re more or less to the same pixel-scale… but not exactly. And they can’t be clearly compared across years, because I did the intervals differently. They are comparable! But be careful with the axes.

The first that sticks out is I made roughly ten hours less podfic in 2016 than I did in 2015. This is due to a number of factors, and while they’re possibly not as great for listeners, they’re good news for me: I podfic partly to deal with stress, and in 2016 I wayyyyyy less stressed than in 2015. 2016 was terrible in many many ways, but for my personal life it was pretty great. So that’s good! But means less podfic. Roughly 10 hours less.

Critical Role, Mad Max: Fury Road (MMFR), Rivers of London, Sailor Moon (SM) and Star Wars: the Force Awakens (SWFA) are fandoms I hadn’t publicly posted podfic in before, and I didn’t work on several long-term loves, including the Fast and the Furious, the Vorkosigan series, Person of Interest, Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Young Wizards, the Hobbit, and Supernatural. I still participate in all those fandoms! And to be honest I hadn’t fully realized that, for instance, I didn’t make any Supernatural podfic this year O.o

Category-wise, I made quite a lot of dude slash – over half my output, in fact, was m/m (52%). That’s actually up slightly from last year (50%) and way up from 2014 (35%). The vast majority of that is ANBK. Next up is gen (nearly 5 hours, most of which is Exclusive), then het (entirely Come Away to the Water), femslash (mostly Velvet), and poly (all Poe/Finn/Rey). While I was kinda disappointed to see quite so much dude slash, I was glad that 10% was femslash! Still low, but way better than 2015 (5%) or 2014 (2%).

In the racial/ethnic analysis… well, less than three-quarters of my output was about white people! 74%, to be exact. Which is less than last year (96%) or 2014 (90%*)! But still very high. But lower! 16% of my output starred black characters – again, mostly Come Away to the Water, which stars Naevia, played by the amazing African-American Cynthia Addai-Robinson. Next up was Asian characters with 7% - mostly Velvet, a Sailor Moon pre-canon story. The remaining 1% was for latin@ characters (hi Poe!) and <1% for characters whose background is undefined (but non-white): Kima of Vord, my darling angry Paladin of Bahamut, who lives in an undefined D&D universe and is described as “brown/dark-skinned” and is played by a white dude. #CriticalRole.

So, I met my goal from last year’s snowflake challenge! My goal was to make 2016’s ratio of dudeslash-to-ladyslash 1:10, and it was actually 1:5! Go me! (last year was 1:100, and 2014 was worse than 1:200).

This year, I will aim to continue to improve that ratio. But, with a recognition of the fact that podfic, as a medium, is subject, more than many other types of fanworks, to the limitations of fandom, rather than only those of the media content (I feel like I should add several more embedded clauses, just for the hell of, but I won’t – much), and also because I’m trying to aim for a more intersectional fannish experience, my goals for 2017 are:
Dude-slash will make up no more than 50% of my output, and 50% of my output will focus on characters of colors.

*this was several years ago now. I wrote this up at work and wasn’t going to go back and check what, exactly, I podficced. I did this from memory, and as such, it’s inexact /o\
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