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Dear ITPE-r 2016

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Dear ITPE-er!

HI!!! I'm so excited that you're participating in ITPE!


Do tell! What are your #ITPE feelings?

  1. aI genuinely love podfic. It’s a medium and community that works really well for me on a number of levels.

    1. Corollary: you are making podfic within some of my favorite fandoms, with the intent of making me happy. I’ll love it, I promise.

  2. I really love this challenge, and would like other people to enjoy it as well. Especially you!

    1. Corollary: it’s set during a very busy time of year. This is meant to be a low-stress challenge. Please don’t get too worked up on my account. I’ll love it, I promise.

  3. I’m generally pretty easy to please, and try to be clear about where those limits are. They’re there, but they’re usually fairly easily avoided.

    1. Corollary: unless you’re actually deliberately trying to mess with me, I’ll love it, I promise.

    2. Corollary: guidance is helpful.

      1. Secondary corollary: with the exception of the squicks and triggers, these are guidelines, nor rules. Feel free to play fast and loose with them if you think the situation demands it :D


Okay, so what are your general fannish, genre and canon feelings?

At the moment, my rule of thumb is that my tolerance for angst and violence in fandom goes as deep as the canon does. So for Spartacus, anything up to and included truly ridiculous amounts of gore is gonna be fine, but in White Collar, anything worse than, say, moderate and non-fatal mayhem won’t be great; similarly, body horror in Rivers of London would be fine, but not in Leverage. Likewise, Fast and the Furious isn’t particularly angsty, so I’m not a great fan of Brian being emo, but Miles Vorkosigan is a fabulously angsty muffin, so I’m onboard with him and his crew wallowing in their feelings.


On the other hand, my tolerance for fluff exceeds cavity-inducing levels with no regard for canon. Should you decide that what I need in my life is Dom and Mia Toretto sibling-bonding over fluffy bunnies, I encourage you to embrace that thought thoroughly.

             Note the first: though some of these canons (Spartacus, Vorkosigan, Young Wizards) feature major character death, I’d argue very strongly that all of them are hopeful/redemptory. So while major character death (and non-canonical rape and excessive violence) isn’t (aren’t) a deal breaker, a non-happy ending kinda is.

Story-wise, stories set in canon are fine. AUs, be they human, animal, or sentient dinnerware, are fine by me. Fusions and so on are fine, but please don’t fuse with a canon that you don’t know I’m familiar with and like (e.g. No Hannibal fusions. Ask analise010 or reenajenkins if you need help on this one.) I adore secondary characters and learning more about them and their background and their story and how they fit into and feel about the main story. I adore day-in-the-life and humor and geekiness and happy flailing.

Format wise, I’m very easy to please. If you find a fic you think I’d like, go for it. If you find a chatlog, headcanon, interview, poem, squee, meta, or whatever, that you think I’ll like, go for it.


I need more detail: what are your fandom- and pairing- specific feelings?


I'm here for the found family feels. Actually, I'm in a lot of places for found family feels, but this fandom is so great for that! movies only please. I adore everyone in this boyband. I am happy to ship everyone in this boyband, including all the poly. Have at it.

Sidenote: things that I am not currently interested in that feature heavily in some parts of fandom include Tony’s Mommy&Daddy Issues, Bruce’s (and Tony’s) feelings of inadequacy, Pepper-bashing


I’m mostly here for the OT3 and gen. I love Sophie, but Nate and his issues annoy me.

White Collar

ditto on the OT3. As far as I'm concerned the canon here ends sometime around S3: Diana is back (but Lauren can stay!), Sara is excellent, El and Peter are rock-solid, and there are no clouds on the horizon. Fandom seems to agree with me on many of these, so I shouldn’t think you’ll have much trouble, should you decide to go in this direction. This is a great fandom for h/c, should you decide to go that way, though please give me my happy ending J


I have many many feelings about everyone: Miles, Cordelia, Aral, Ekaterin, Gregor, Simon, Elena, Kareen, Alys, Ivan, Taura, Tej, Laisa, Ethan, Bothari, Elli, Dono, Jole… Everyone. They are my darlings. All of them should have everything they deserve, with everything that entails.

Mark’s Black Gang are a bit tricky for me, so that really the one element I’d rather you steered clear of. Several excellent fics in this fandom feature historical Barrayaran OFCs and I encourage you not to discount them.

Rivers of London

I do love this fandom, but the things I love in it are complicated. For the sake of ease, I'll say that I'd prefer nothing higher than a PG-13 rating for Peter/Thomas, though shippy stuff is fine. Beverly and her extended family are great.s Abigail is great. Lesley is great. Molly is great.

Fast and the Furious

All the found family forever and ever and ever and ever and ever. Dom/Brian is excellent, Mia/Brian is excellent, poly is fine and excellent, though I’d rather it was non-incestuous, please. This is another good fandom for h/c.

Avatar: the last Airbender, Legend of Korra

My darlings! I adore these kiddos. Have at it.

Note: I’d rather not have sexy shenanigans about underaged characters. Once Korra and Asami, for instance, are both 18, have at it.


LADIES. also agron/nasir. but mostly ladies. ladies ladies ladies.

Almost Human

Dorian and Kennex are lovely and deserve all the good things. Including each other. But also cuddles. I just want them to be happy.

Young Wizards

Tiny fandom of my heartface. I love them so much. So much. So so so much. All of them. Everyone. In every time and place.


XENA/GABRIELLE 4EVA. That is all. (gen is also good :D)


I do need to know your squicks and triggers…

no-escape situations (either real or metaphorical – eg backed into a corner, despair, suicidal ideation, variations on "you have nowhere (else) to go", "no one will believe you")

dub- or non-con

misunderstandings/miscommunication as a plot device

mental health care professionals who suck at their jobs

chase scenes (Fast and the Furious gets an exception, but no one else does)

more-than-canonical gore (see first paragraph under “general feelings”)

major character death that isn’t happy/redemptory (see note under first paragraph of “general feelings”)


What if I have questions that you didn’t answer here?

Then you can ask on this post anonymously, or ask analise010 or reenajenkins, who have a pretty good handle on my likes and dislikes :D

Have fun <3




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