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         title <---- link to amplificathon page containing summaries, pairings, ratings, warnings, etc
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           (D) <---- link to amplificathon @ dreamwidth page (also contains summaries, pairings, ratings, warnings, etc)
           (AO3) <- self explanatory, no?
           (.) <----- link to post on my journal (ie. if all else fails this will have it)

(*) And Will Stand Witness by moorishflower (x-over with Doctor Who)   (a) (D) (.)
(*) So This is Brunch by entangled_now (D) (a) (.)
(*) Three Month Milestone by moorishflower (D) (a) (.)
(*) Give Me a Reason by morganoconner  (a) (D) (.)
(*) Trinkets and Trifles by ameonna1(a) (D) (.)
(*) One of Us by entangled_now(a) (D) (.)
(*) Demonstrations by entangled_now(a) (D) (.)
(*) Rorschach by entangled_now(a) (D) (.)
(*) Old Acquaintances by entangled_now   (a) (D) (.)
(*) After the Storm by morganoconner(a) (D) (.)
(*) Can You Hear Heaven Cry by morganoconner   (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Important Angel Business by entangled_now (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) How to Lose a Drinking Game in Five Turns by ameonna1   (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) In Dreams I See You by morganoconner (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) People and Angels of Walmart by ameonna1 (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Teamwork bymorganoconner (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Peppermint Lullaby by morganoconner (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)       above six in compiled podbook by cybel
(*) Follow Me Down by entangled_now (a) (D) (AO3)
(*) Deadspace by entangled_now (a) (D) (AO3)
(*)       Follow Me Down and Deadspace as a podbook by cybel (a) (D)
(*) All Come Back Around by entangled_now (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)       All Come Back Around as podbook by cybel
(*) Your Bottle Is Empty (But Your Glass Has Been Filled) by jjtaylor (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)           podbook by cybel
(*) The Mostly Accidental Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesdayfic (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)         podbook by cybel
Tarnished Silver by jesseebee
    podbook of Tarnished Silver by cybel
(*) Start Quoting Shakespeare and We're Done by pyrebi (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)         podbook by cybel
(*) Omni Gladio Ancipiti by lifevolutionary (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)       podbook by cybel

Man From UNCLE
(*) Better Late Than Never by crimsonquills (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Sand Trap by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)         podbook by cybel
(*) For Every Action by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)        podbook by cybel
(*) Discretionary Powers by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Sublimeriung by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) The 100 Words Affair by xparrot (a) (D) (AO3)
(*) The Two Men in a Bed Affair by laceymcbain (a) (D) (AO3)

Stargate: Atlantis
(*) All three "Farm in Iowa"-'verse Christmas stories (a) (D) (.)
    Letters to Santa by sheafrotherdon
    The Baby Jesus' Pompoms by sheafrotherdon
    The Christmas Shenanigans of Finn McKay by sheafrotherdon
(*) Fake Birds and Real Holidays by xparrot (D) (.)
(*) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by merryish (D) (.) (a)
(*) Far, Far Away by astolat (x-over with American Idol) (D) (.) (a)
(*) Broadcast Signal by seperis (D) (.) (a)
(*) A New History of Captain John Shepard [...] by sheafrotherdon (x-over with Temeraire) * (D) (.)
(*)       podbook of A New History by cybel
(*) Highly Classified and Very Hush-Hush by rageprufrock (D) (.)
(*) Strictly on a Need-to-Know Basis by rageprufrock (D) (.)
(*) The Alien Fighters' Social Club by such_heights (x-over with Torchwood) (D) (.)
(*) Learning to Breathe by speranza (.) (D) (AO3)

(*) A Place to Stand by lightgetsin (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Improbable Scenes from an Impractical Courtship by merryish (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) A Diversion by grey_bard (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) A Maze of Twisty Passages, All Alike by merryish (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)       podbook by cybel
(*) Complicated by schemingreader (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Exceeding Orders by philomytha (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Women's Work by philomytha (.) (D) (AO3)

Young Wizards
(*) Three Encounters in a Cafe by readingredhead(D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Valentine by readingredhead (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Untitled fic by sillyangelfaery (D) (.) (a)
(*) Terminus by aria (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)     podbook of Terminus by cybel
(*) On Life's Terms by rare_fandom (D) (.)
(*) Full Circle by araine (D) (.)
(*) The One Where They're All in a Rock Band by labellementeuse(D) (.)
(*) Making Peace by asphaltangel(D) (.) (a)
(*) The Next Journey by araine (.) (D) (AO3)

Due South
(*) Fangirl!Frannie by innocentsmith (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps by etceteracat (D) (.)
(*) Six Degrees of Separation by etceteracat (D) (.)
(*)       compiled podbook of Learn to Speak and Six Degrees by cybel (AO3)
(*) Where the Story Changes by seperis (D) (.) (a)
(*)       podbook created by cybel (D)
(*) Hungry Like the... Thing by liviapenn (x-over with Psych) (a) (D) (.)
(*) A Fine upstanding Man by akamine_chan (a) (D) (.)
(*) Open the World by luzula (a) (D) (.)
(*) (*) The Language of Love (translation) by china_shop (AO3) (a) (D) (.)
(*) (*) The Language of Love (French only) by china_shop (AO3) (a) (D) (.)

(*) Tomorrow Belongs to Me by valtyr (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)            podbook by cybel (D) (.)
               podbook by penumbren (D)
(*) Chaos War by astolat (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)            podbook by cybel
(*) Run Program: DUM-E by amuly (.) (D) (AO3) (a)
(*)           podbook by cybel
(*) David Attenborough is in my Bedroom by cactus_rabbit (D) (.) (a)
(*) Everything's Better with Bunnies by khilari and persephone_kore (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) D17D0 by helens78 (a collaboration w/ a friend who shall not be named) (a) (D) (.)
(*) Bedtime Stories (ALL 21 OF THEM - THIS IS THE LINK YOU WANT) by gyzym (AO3)
              first set (17)
               second set (4)

(*) Constantly Offered New Toys by sinuous_curve (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) A Meeting of Minds by crimsonquills (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)       podbook created by cybel
(*) Five Times Lilo and Stitch Meet the Avengers, and One Time They Meet Loki by phoenixfawkes12 (x-over with Lilo and Stitch) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) With A Little Help From My Friends by lucdarling (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) The Best in Life is But Intoxication by kellifer_fic (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) 64 Colors by musesfool (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Protect You by ashinan (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Metal Heart by ashinan (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) You're a Rich Little Boy (who's had to work for his toys) by snowdarkred (D) (.) (a)
(*) Crossover Event by haunted on dreamwidth (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Overheard on the Party Line by bessemerprocess on dreamwidth (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Much Sooner Forgotten by sinuous_curve (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) This Wasn't What the Brochure Promised by kahn (D) (.) (a)
(*) Nesting Habits of the Wild North American Barton by sabinelagrande (D) (.) (a)
(*) Stockholm Syndrome and Other Drugs by alchemyalice (D) (.) (a)
(*) Few So Generous by galaxysoup (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) For Children by cathalin (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Five People Who Caught Darcy Doodling by seawench (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Bros! by alchemyalice (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Anyone Ever Tell You How Your Eyes Sparkle When You're Angry? by sidneysussex (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Where You End by ashinan (.) (D) (AO3)
   Four not!fics by gyzym x-over with Teen Wolf (.) (D) (AO3)
   (*)    Teen Wolf/Avengers Feels
   (*)    Derek and Steve at the Bar
   (*)    Derek and Steve and Relationship Advice
   (*)    Stiles and Tony and Relationship Advice
(*) Gift of Asylum by carleton97 and sister_wolf (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Louder Than Bells by carleton97 and sister_wolf (.) (D) (AO3)

White Collar
(*) Let's Play Ball by hoosierbitch (a) (D) (AO3)
(*) Twist to Fit by zvi (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Her Boss's Keeper by sholio (.) (D) (AO3)

(*) Hearts Like Flowers by springgreen (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Promises Unbroken by springgreen (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) End of Burial by andmydog (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) The End by andmydog (D) (.) (AO3)

Teen Wolf
(*) Be Here in the Morning Just to Hear You Say by januarylight (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)       podbook by cybel
(*) Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight (series) by skoosiepants (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Fuzzy Logic by sparseparsley (.) (D) (AO3) (a)
(*) Sluice by goddessofbirth (.) (D) (AO3) (a)
(*) A Simple Game of Fetch by brilligspoons (.) (D) (AO3) (a)

Good Omens
(*) Just Save the First Edition for Me by such_heights (D) (.) (a)

Final Fantasy VII
(*) typecasting by jukeboxhound (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Imagine Them All in Their Underwear by
jukeboxhound (D) (.) (a) (AO3)

Lord of the Rings
(*) To Sail Against the Tide by grey_bard (a) (D)

Doctor Who
(*) The History of the Kings of Britain by livii (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Your History Written in Time and Stars by such_heights (.) (D) (AO3)

(*) Many Kinds off Man, Many Kinds of Bodywash (director's cut) by helens78 (a) (D) (.) (AO3)

(*) Many Kinds off Man, Many Kinds of Bodywash (edited version) by helens78 (a) (D) (.) (AO3)

Supernatural Gabriel-is-a-kitten ficlet on comment_fic
massively depressing Young Wizards death!fic on myriadwords (what was I thinking?)

Rather Be on whitecollarfic
massive Gabriel-centric crossover of DOOM for comment_fic
        which I podficced here (D) (.)
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