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         title <---- link to amplificathon page containing summaries, pairings, ratings, warnings, etc
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           (AO3) <- self explanatory, no?
           (.) <----- link to post on my journal (ie. if all else fails this will have it)

(*) And Will Stand Witness by moorishflower (x-over with Doctor Who)   (a) (D) (.)
(*) So This is Brunch by entangled_now (D) (a) (.)
(*) Three Month Milestone by moorishflower (D) (a) (.)
(*) Give Me a Reason by morganoconner  (a) (D) (.)
(*) Trinkets and Trifles by ameonna1(a) (D) (.)
(*) One of Us by entangled_now(a) (D) (.)
(*) Demonstrations by entangled_now(a) (D) (.)
(*) Rorschach by entangled_now(a) (D) (.)
(*) Old Acquaintances by entangled_now   (a) (D) (.)
(*) After the Storm by morganoconner(a) (D) (.)
(*) Can You Hear Heaven Cry by morganoconner   (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Important Angel Business by entangled_now (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) How to Lose a Drinking Game in Five Turns by ameonna1   (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) In Dreams I See You by morganoconner (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) People and Angels of Walmart by ameonna1 (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Teamwork bymorganoconner (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Peppermint Lullaby by morganoconner (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)       above six in compiled podbook by cybel
(*) Follow Me Down by entangled_now (a) (D) (AO3)
(*) Deadspace by entangled_now (a) (D) (AO3)
(*)       Follow Me Down and Deadspace as a podbook by cybel (a) (D)
(*) All Come Back Around by entangled_now (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)       All Come Back Around as podbook by cybel
(*) Your Bottle Is Empty (But Your Glass Has Been Filled) by jjtaylor (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)           podbook by cybel
(*) The Mostly Accidental Courtship of Dean Winchester by tuesdayfic (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)         podbook by cybel
Tarnished Silver by jesseebee
    podbook of Tarnished Silver by cybel
(*) Start Quoting Shakespeare and We're Done by pyrebi (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)         podbook by cybel
(*) Omni Gladio Ancipiti by lifevolutionary (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)       podbook by cybel

Man From UNCLE
(*) Better Late Than Never by crimsonquills (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Sand Trap by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)         podbook by cybel
(*) For Every Action by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)        podbook by cybel
(*) Discretionary Powers by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Sublimeriung by xparrot (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) The 100 Words Affair by xparrot (a) (D) (AO3)
(*) The Two Men in a Bed Affair by laceymcbain (a) (D) (AO3)

Stargate: Atlantis
(*) All three "Farm in Iowa"-'verse Christmas stories (a) (D) (.)
    Letters to Santa by sheafrotherdon
    The Baby Jesus' Pompoms by sheafrotherdon
    The Christmas Shenanigans of Finn McKay by sheafrotherdon
(*) Fake Birds and Real Holidays by xparrot (D) (.)
(*) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by merryish (D) (.) (a)
(*) Far, Far Away by astolat (x-over with American Idol) (D) (.) (a)
(*) Broadcast Signal by seperis (D) (.) (a)
(*) A New History of Captain John Shepard [...] by sheafrotherdon (x-over with Temeraire) * (D) (.)
(*)       podbook of A New History by cybel
(*) Highly Classified and Very Hush-Hush by rageprufrock (D) (.)
(*) Strictly on a Need-to-Know Basis by rageprufrock (D) (.)
(*) The Alien Fighters' Social Club by such_heights (x-over with Torchwood) (D) (.)
(*) Learning to Breathe by speranza (.) (D) (AO3)

(*) A Place to Stand by lightgetsin (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Improbable Scenes from an Impractical Courtship by merryish (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) A Diversion by grey_bard (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) A Maze of Twisty Passages, All Alike by merryish (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)       podbook by cybel
(*) Complicated by schemingreader (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Exceeding Orders by philomytha (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Women's Work by philomytha (.) (D) (AO3)

Young Wizards
(*) Three Encounters in a Cafe by readingredhead(D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Valentine by readingredhead (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Untitled fic by sillyangelfaery (D) (.) (a)
(*) Terminus by aria (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)     podbook of Terminus by cybel
(*) On Life's Terms by rare_fandom (D) (.)
(*) Full Circle by araine (D) (.)
(*) The One Where They're All in a Rock Band by labellementeuse(D) (.)
(*) Making Peace by asphaltangel(D) (.) (a)
(*) The Next Journey by araine (.) (D) (AO3)

Due South
(*) Fangirl!Frannie by innocentsmith (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Learn to Speak Canine in Seven Easy Steps by etceteracat (D) (.)
(*) Six Degrees of Separation by etceteracat (D) (.)
(*)       compiled podbook of Learn to Speak and Six Degrees by cybel (AO3)
(*) Where the Story Changes by seperis (D) (.) (a)
(*)       podbook created by cybel (D)
(*) Hungry Like the... Thing by liviapenn (x-over with Psych) (a) (D) (.)
(*) A Fine upstanding Man by akamine_chan (a) (D) (.)
(*) Open the World by luzula (a) (D) (.)
(*) (*) The Language of Love (translation) by china_shop (AO3) (a) (D) (.)
(*) (*) The Language of Love (French only) by china_shop (AO3) (a) (D) (.)

(*) Tomorrow Belongs to Me by valtyr (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)            podbook by cybel (D) (.)
               podbook by penumbren (D)
(*) Chaos War by astolat (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)            podbook by cybel
(*) Run Program: DUM-E by amuly (.) (D) (AO3) (a)
(*)           podbook by cybel
(*) David Attenborough is in my Bedroom by cactus_rabbit (D) (.) (a)
(*) Everything's Better with Bunnies by khilari and persephone_kore (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) D17D0 by helens78 (a collaboration w/ a friend who shall not be named) (a) (D) (.)
(*) Bedtime Stories (ALL 21 OF THEM - THIS IS THE LINK YOU WANT) by gyzym (AO3)
              first set (17)
               second set (4)

(*) Constantly Offered New Toys by sinuous_curve (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) A Meeting of Minds by crimsonquills (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*)       podbook created by cybel
(*) Five Times Lilo and Stitch Meet the Avengers, and One Time They Meet Loki by phoenixfawkes12 (x-over with Lilo and Stitch) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) With A Little Help From My Friends by lucdarling (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) The Best in Life is But Intoxication by kellifer_fic (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) 64 Colors by musesfool (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Protect You by ashinan (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Metal Heart by ashinan (a) (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) You're a Rich Little Boy (who's had to work for his toys) by snowdarkred (D) (.) (a)
(*) Crossover Event by haunted on dreamwidth (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Overheard on the Party Line by bessemerprocess on dreamwidth (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Much Sooner Forgotten by sinuous_curve (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) This Wasn't What the Brochure Promised by kahn (D) (.) (a)
(*) Nesting Habits of the Wild North American Barton by sabinelagrande (D) (.) (a)
(*) Stockholm Syndrome and Other Drugs by alchemyalice (D) (.) (a)
(*) Few So Generous by galaxysoup (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) For Children by cathalin (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Five People Who Caught Darcy Doodling by seawench (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Bros! by alchemyalice (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Anyone Ever Tell You How Your Eyes Sparkle When You're Angry? by sidneysussex (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Where You End by ashinan (.) (D) (AO3)
   Four not!fics by gyzym x-over with Teen Wolf (.) (D) (AO3)
   (*)    Teen Wolf/Avengers Feels
   (*)    Derek and Steve at the Bar
   (*)    Derek and Steve and Relationship Advice
   (*)    Stiles and Tony and Relationship Advice
(*) Gift of Asylum by carleton97 and sister_wolf (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Louder Than Bells by carleton97 and sister_wolf (.) (D) (AO3)

White Collar
(*) Let's Play Ball by hoosierbitch (a) (D) (AO3)
(*) Twist to Fit by zvi (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Her Boss's Keeper by sholio (.) (D) (AO3)

(*) Hearts Like Flowers by springgreen (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Promises Unbroken by springgreen (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) End of Burial by andmydog (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) The End by andmydog (D) (.) (AO3)

Teen Wolf
(*) Be Here in the Morning Just to Hear You Say by januarylight (D) (.) (AO3)
(*)       podbook by cybel
(*) Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight (series) by skoosiepants (D) (.) (AO3)
(*) Fuzzy Logic by sparseparsley (.) (D) (AO3) (a)
(*) Sluice by goddessofbirth (.) (D) (AO3) (a)
(*) A Simple Game of Fetch by brilligspoons (.) (D) (AO3) (a)

Good Omens
(*) Just Save the First Edition for Me by such_heights (D) (.) (a)

Final Fantasy VII
(*) typecasting by jukeboxhound (D) (.) (a) (AO3)
(*) Imagine Them All in Their Underwear by
jukeboxhound (D) (.) (a) (AO3)

Lord of the Rings
(*) To Sail Against the Tide by grey_bard (a) (D)

Doctor Who
(*) The History of the Kings of Britain by livii (.) (D) (AO3)
(*) Your History Written in Time and Stars by such_heights (.) (D) (AO3)

(*) Many Kinds off Man, Many Kinds of Bodywash (director's cut) by helens78 (a) (D) (.) (AO3)

(*) Many Kinds off Man, Many Kinds of Bodywash (edited version) by helens78 (a) (D) (.) (AO3)

Supernatural Gabriel-is-a-kitten ficlet on comment_fic
massively depressing Young Wizards death!fic on myriadwords (what was I thinking?)

Rather Be on whitecollarfic
massive Gabriel-centric crossover of DOOM for comment_fic
        which I podficced here (D) (.)
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Dear ITPE-er!

HI!!! I'm so excited that you're participating in ITPE! Podfic is one of my favorite forms of fanwork, and podfic fandom is my favorite fandom, and my favorite thing about fandom is interacting with people who love the things that I love. Participating in ITPE is a two-fer: it's a fanwork-form we both love, and we were matched for the fandoms we both love!
The corollary to this, btw, is that, more than anything, I want you to have fun during ITPE. Don't stress out about it. I'll love whatever you make, I promise!

That having been said, if you want some guidance, here's what I like about the fandoms I requested in a bit more detail:


I'm here for the found family feels. Actually, I'm in a lot of places for found family feels, but this fandom is so great for that! movies only please


OT3 foreverrrrr
Sophie is great! Nate is annoying. 

White Collar

ditto on the OT3. As far as I'm concerned the canon here ends sometime around S3: Diana is back, Sara is excellent, El and Peter are rock-solid, and there are no clouds on the horizon. 


Ladies 4 eva. OFCs are fine by me. 

Rivers of London

I do love this fandom, but the things I love in it are complicated. for the sake of ease, I'll say that I'd prefer nothing higher than a PG-13 rating, though shippy stuff is fine.

Fast and the Furious

all the found family forever and ever and ever and ever and ever

Avatar: the last Airbender, Legend of Korra
my darlings


LADIES. also agron/nasir. but mostly ladies. ladies ladies ladies.

Almost Human

Dorian and Kennex are lovely and deserve all the good things. including each other. but also cuddles.

Young Wizards

tiny fandom of my heartface. canon ships only please.

but Jess this isn't very helpful wtf

I'm writing this while kinda sick, so this is a placeholder that will be updated later. promise.




fic elements I adore
focus on minor characters
focus on women
focus on characters of color
focus on genderqueer characters
happy endings! (of any degree of innuendo :D)
funky formats (epistolary, texts, tweets, programming language...)
found families
MANYMANY OTHER THINGS (seriously, I'm pretty easy to please)

chase scenes
no-escape situations (either real or metaphorical – eg backed into a corner, despair, suicidal ideation, variations on "you have nowhere (else) to go", "no one will believe you")
character death (either minor or major)
dub- or non-con
misunderstandings/miscommunication as a plot device
mental health care professionals who suck at their jobs
more-than-canonical gore (applies per canon, so what's ok in spartacus is not in leverage)

Please don't assume that a listed squick is not hard-and-fast because I've podficced something that kinda fits that description. I sometimes find it cathartic to podfic something myself that would give me serious problems otherwise.

If you have any questions, you can ask analise010 or reenajenkins, who have a pretty good handle on my likes and dislikes :D

* * *
Fandom: Rivers of London & Good Omens
Characters/Pairing: Peter & Nightingale, Aziraphale/Crowley
Rating: teen and up
Content Notes: none
Length: 00:34:26
Performer Links: [Unknown LJ tag]
Author: [Unknown LJ tag]
Summary: In which Inspector Thomas Nightingale pursues stolen books on magic, Aziraphale presides over a book sale, Constable Peter Grant tries to do his job, and Crowley values his domestic tranquillity.

Reccer Notes: SisterOfWar does such an amazing job with the voices here! Aziraphale slight santimonious edge when he talks about helping the police during "some murders in Whitechapel," Peter being both fascinated by magic and so very tired with the minutiae of policework, Crowley intimidating Peter and doing quite a good job, actually, it's just all really, really well done, and one of my favorite small-fandom podfics <333

Fanwork Link(s): on AO3
* * *
Title: Looking Forward
Author: [Unknown LJ tag]
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairings: sid/geno
Rating: mature
Summary: There was a kid in Geno's yard.
content notes: none
Length: 1:52:48
text at AO3

direct download/stream (103MB) OR download as a podbook (80MB)

(thank you paraka <3)

cover by me!

for themusecalliope, who did a hero's work on And Never Been Kissed <333
* * *
Fandom: Sense8
Characters/Pairing: Sun & Kala
Rating: general audiences
Content Notes: major character death
Length: 0:13:08
Performer Links: hananobira and bienenalster
Author: pax
Cover Artist: (?)
Summary: Sun’s dad kinda sucked. Kala loans her a better one.

Reccer Notes: this podfic was made as part of this year's pod_together, and it's a great example of a good idea executed well. Hananobira and Bienenalster each take a pov, Kala and Sun respectively, and the narration and dialogue switches between them aurally much as the show does visually. The switches between the voices are well done and flow naturally, probably in part because, as a pod_together project, the podficcers and the writer worked together to craft a story that would work aurally as well as on the page - and, imo, in does.

Fanwork Link(s): at ao3
* * *
* * *
Fandom: Star Wars (Prequels Trilogy)
Characters/Pairing: Qui-Gon[&|/]Obi-Wan (reccer note: the story and series are marked Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, but this story occupies, imo, the gray space between gen and slash best described as pre-slash, and if you go in expecting slash, you may be disappointed in that regard. hopefully not others! but that regard, at least)
Rating: Teen and Up
Content Notes: none
Length: 5:41:27
Performer Links: rippleeffect aka chibi_tenshi08
Author: flamethrower
Cover Artist: (flamethrower?)
Summary: A simple injury during what should have been a routine mission brings shocking changes to the lives of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, and may alter the future of the Jedi Order.

Reccer Notes: I really like this podfic you guys. Rippleeffect has excellent diction and pacing, does a really good job differentiating the many voices, and their narration fits very well with the tone of the story. The story is quite long but they did an excellent job throughout, and it's one of my favorite stories for very long trips. 

note: this is the first part in a VERY EPIC series, but in my opinion it ends on a very satisfactory note and stands alone well, so I'm comfortable reccing it as its own podfic. 

Fanwork Link(s): at the AO3
* * *
Fandom: Young Wizards
Characters/Pairing: [personal profile] bienenalster
Rating: general audience
Content Notes: spoilers for Wizards at War
Length: 1:08:56
Performer Links: asda
Author: [personal profile] aria
Summary: "Ronan," the Lone Power said softly. "Didn't He leave you out? You gave your life, and He abandoned you. What good are you without Him?"

Reccer Notes: I love bienenalster's narration, which has that lovely slightly dreamy wonder-at-the-world quality that comes through in both the canon and this story. Their Ronan voice is similarly well done and hits all the complicated emotional beats of the story, and the podfic is just really nicely done <3

Fanwork Link(s): on podfic_bingo
* * *
Title: truth to tell
Author: [Unknown LJ tag]
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Critical Role
Pairings: Kima/Allura
Rating: gen
Summary: Truth to tell, Kima hasn’t thought of Allura in days.
content notes: set during episode 14
Length: 3:37
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (3.5MB) or direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

Title: private things private
Pairings: Kima/Allura
Rating: gen
Summary: Allura likes to keep her private things private.
content notes: none
Length: 2:40
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (2.7MB) or direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

Title: thankful
Pairings: none
Rating: gen
Summary: In the underdark, Kima is thankful to Vox Machina. She doesn’t want to be.
content notes: set around episode 7-ish
Length: 3:37
text at AO3

download from the audioarchive as an mp3 (5.1MB) or direct link (left-click to download, right-click to stream)

cover by me!

* * *
Title: And Never Been Kissed
Authors: [Unknown LJ tag] and [Unknown LJ tag]
Reader: [personal profile] kalakirya
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Pairings: Sid/Geno
Rating: explicit
Summary: Sid didn’t introduce himself in the hallway, and he certainly doesn’t assume that people know who he is. So it would only be polite to thank Malkin again, this time more personally.
He could write him a letter. An email? No, a letter.

Warnings: none
text at AO3

OK, so there are a number of ways to listen to this story. Click through for details, downloading and streaming

If you'd like to download final version the way I prefer it (with music and lots of chapter covers), that's here as an mp3 (982MB) or here as an audiobook (480MB) (both 17:55:30)

if you've been downloading as I post OR would prefer a music-free version, downloads and streams are here

if you'd like to listen to the chapters individually, scroll down

Chapter One
Warnings: none
Length: 2:13:37
download/stream as an mp3 (123MB)

Chapter Two
Warnings: none
Length: 3:24:17

download/stream as an mp3 (187MB)

Chapter Three
Warnings: none
Length: 3:31:11

download/stream as an mp3 (196MB)

Chapter Four
Warnings: none
Length: 3:31:46

download/stream as an mp3 (194MB)

Chapter Five
Warnings: none 
Length: 3:31:46

download/stream as an mp3 (96MB)

Chapter Six
Warnings: none 
Length: 3:31:46

download/stream as an mp3 (189MB)

(note: themusecalliope pointed out that I mispronounced "Wilkes-Barre", which can be pronounced a number of ways, but not the way I actually said it XD it turned out to be too difficult to do a pick-up for that bit, though, and given that it was still clear what I meant to say, I left it in. But let it be known that that's my mistake, not themusecalliope's, who is wonderful in all ways <3<3<3)

pennyplainknits is also podficcing this story! her version is here
* * *

notes and links 

  • m4b - an audiobook format; apple products know to treat them as audiobooks and not songs. can be chaptered.
  • chapter and verse - an audiobook making program (iTunes will do m4bs for you, so this is mostly a Windows ppl thing)
  • Audacity - audio editing software for windows
  • Garageband - audio editing software for mac
  • Hindenberg - professional audio editing software
  • podfic_love - podfic rec comm
  • podfic-tips - podfic tutorial and tips comm
  • blanket permission - prevents you from having to request permission. fanlore has a list here. fire_juggler maintains fandom-specific lists here.
  • audiofic.jinjurly.com - the audiofic archive
  • amplificathon - a DW and LJ comm where podfic gets posted. if you post here, unless you opt out, it will be archived in the audioarchive automatically. Also an annual challenge designed to increase podficcing in small fandoms; FAQ for that here 
  • pod_together - a challenge that matches writers and podficcers for a new collaborative work
  • podfic_bingo - a way of stretching your podfic muscles (signups close at the end of august!)
  • podfic big bang - multi-fandom 10K challenge
  • epic podfic big bang - for those who don't get out of bed for less than 75K (hosted on the same com as PBB)
  • #ITPE - the holiday podfic exchange, stands for International Twitter Podfic Exchange (you do need twitter for this)
  • multipod - a podfic with multiple voices
  • re-pod - a podfic of a story that has already been podficced
  • accents - a thing that you should not allow to prevent you from podficcing
  • 10K = 1 hour - a rough approximation of how many words translates to how much podfic
  • podficmeta - the podfic-discussion comm zvi mentioned
  • auralphonic - the podcast about podfic
  • collaborativepodfic - a DW comm for finding ppl to do multivoiced podfic with


things I meant to mention but didn't:

  • the "podfic welcome" and "blanket permission" tags on AO3 are good ways to draw podficcers' attention and/or find stuff to podfic
  • we love non-english podfic too! you get extra points on amplifcathon and much love from the multi-lingual!
  • you don't have to do covers, but some people like to! I use GIMP, a free photoshop clone. Windows users may need a special program to add covers to mp3s; I use mediamonkey 
  • awesome ladies podfic anthology - anthologies of podfic about ladies of <1K. an excellent way to get your feet wet.
  • WAGFAPE - the Women And Genderqueers First Podfic Exchange, where you sign up to make podfic that don't focus on cismen
  • forvo sometimes has useful pronunciation guides. sometimes. use your judgement.
  • ditto dictionary.com
  • the word "gasps" is an evil unto this world that should be forever shunned
things other people mentioned
  • [personal profile] ambyr is wonderful and has added say how, a pronunciation guide for famous and semi-famous names, and the ABC book, for corporate brand name

I can be reached here, on LJ under this name, on twitter under this name, or on tumblr under podficcerbynight
* * *
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